This ist my first post in this forum. I greet everyone from Poland. I have a point: I think MPF of TaylorMade R9 irons golf club must be computed with error. My handicap is around 36 and they are not very difficult for me. Bloggers rate these clubs are very forgiving. I have played them for a dozen or so rounds with great effect. Given here MPF of this clubs is 97. Golf Clubs from the category “Player Classic” are very difficult. It means that I shouldn’t be free to play with them. With 97 MPF factor this clubs should by more difficult than the most difficult blades golf clubs. They are not like that. MOI of heads is 15.6639 – quite a lot. MOI 15.6639 and MPF 97?

I would like to buy Maltby irons with similar characteristics to the TaylorMade R9. I don’t know what model it could be. I have a high handicap – but I prefer clubs with a little more better feel even with less forgiveness than typical clubs for my category.

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 30, 2020