I want to apologize up front for all the questions. Sorry. I’ll try to keep them short.

Will the TC Pro line use the current adapter or be a glued hotel for driver and fairways? Will there be a 13* or deeper faced option since they are “Pro”?

The new MAX wedges are the best I’ve ever used. Just awesome. What are the odds of adding down to PW lofts?

I hover about 120mph (Trackman) on driver, 95mph on 37.5″ 7 iron. Moderate tempo backswing (see YouTube link). I have had good luck with ~60g X flex HZRDUS Smoke Yellow and Proforce V2. I’d love to try the Maltby Pro DR and FW shafts. They only go to S flex but I hear they run stout similar to a Grafalloy Red, just launching more mid but with lower spin. Do you have tipping recommendations for someone in my swing speed/tempo? youtube.com/shorts/6Jj190kzWv8

Thanks again and sorry for the laundry list of questions.

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Nothing is set in stone as far as why someone who swings at the speed you do, couldn’t play a stiff flex shaft. Freddy Couples played a L flex 3 wood for years.

You could try a maltby shaft and tip it 1”? Just see what happens? The Grafalloy GWX shaft was also developed in partnership with golfworks. There is a Tour Stiff flex in that shaft that you could use.

Freddie couples has the Smoothest Transition the WORLD HAS EVER SEEN THOUGH