Here they are for 6i, I am looking to either build a new set of TE’s or TS-1’s.  Welcome to thoughts if I should move away from this head to a TS-1 or stick with TE.  Here in Texas, we get tight lies on a lot of the courses.  Curious if sole design of TS-1 is suited for that.  I carry the 6i about 140 on the course, the guy told me the carry on the foresight is usually 10-15 yds short for whatever reason.   I am curious if these launch parameters are high because of the mat, Trackman says that is a thing.  I am also curious if I need more shaft lean at impact, I have been working on that for months.  Seems like I got it pretty close from these numbers?

Should I try the TS-1 head to lower launch some?  Shaft change?  I am considering Fuji Pro 85 or Steelfibers with the TE’s, open to suggestions.

I really like the look of the TE at address.  The TS-1’s are similar, I just don’t know if the higher CG location is what I need. Would I need to bend the lofts on TS-1 to match? My gapping is pretty good with the TE’s.  Or are the lofts lowered since the spin is higher (from higher VCOG)?

TE Forged, DBM, 30 degrees, Matrix Program F15 85, 38″ long, D0

Ball speed 97 mph
LA 21 degrees
Backspin 5640rpm
Carry 130 yds

DA 44 degrees
Peak 70 ft

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 19, 2022