Good day all I have a set of TE forged 6-PW coming in the next few days and I am curious if anyone has ever done a combo set with the TS-2 perhaps. Looks like the TS-2 5 and 6 are the same lofts as the 4 and 5 in the TE Forged but curious if they were build to 4-5 iron lengths to act as a forgiving long iron if it would work. I already play the KE4 FDI 3 iron which would I think would pair well with the above. I ordered the 6-pw already and plan to test the 6 iron extensively to see how the long irons feel but am worried they might not be quiet as forgiving as I may need as a 12 handicap in the longer iron configuration. Very interested to hear feedback and see if others of tinkered with this as I know many pro’s, heard as high as 80% play combo bags.

Jagall75 Answered question January 5, 2023