With the TE+ being a 2024 release, should I be buying a few sets of standard TE Forged irons to keep in reserve if the standard TE is going away this year? I saw the TE+ post in February about “modern specifications” and I have to echo the comments made there by other people being very concerned about jacking lofts. Even the “blade” TS4 that’s coming is a 45* PW, correct? I think it would be cool to tune the TE up with the 4-way sole and a modern cavity aesthetic. But keep the lofts, offset, head weights, blade length and top line without any hollow face stuff.

I was looking at other  brands’ players cavity backs that are known for their great irons. TaylorMade P7MC, Wilson Staff CB, Titleist T100 and CB, and Ping i230 Retro Spec all run 23/24, 34/35, and 46/47 degree 4i/7i/PW. So, keeping the current TE lofts wouldn’t be something crazy old and outdated and unique thing to Golfworks if Ping, TaylorMade, Wilson Staff, and Titleist are doing it with their players cavity backs. To me, the TE series was always set apart from the other Maltby sets. The analogy I go with is that the Maltby TS1 and TS4 are the Titelist T100/200 series with “modernizations” and tech and the Maltby TE being the Titleist CB that’s set apart as traditional but forgiving.

I hope this doesn’t come across as whiny or rude. I certainly don’t mean it that way. I know the loft stuff always comes up. I just wanted to provide my product feedback and as a loyal customer of Golfworks. Thanks!

theblake7 Answered question April 6, 2023