I’ve already bent the TE 9i to 44* and the pw to 49* which I really like because it reduces the offset.  I like the pw so much that I’m considering bending the GW 3 degrees weak to 54* to replace my SW.  is there any reason this wouldn’t work?  I do like to ope the face somewhat so I typically use an S grind, so there could be turf interaction issues. Is there anything else about a dedicated sand wedge That makes it work better?

Jonesb16 Posted new comment August 17, 2023

I play the TE and I bent mine the following:
GW- 56 115yds
PW- 50 130yds
9- 45 145yds
8- 40 160yds
7- 36 175yds
6- 32 190yds
5- 28 205yds
4- 24 220yds
2 fdi- 21 235yds

I love this setup. The GW as a SW loft makes it so versatile on chips and pitches. The sole radius and bounce make it soooooo forgiving. The gapping of 15 yards might be too much for some but i play a smooth swing for the shortest stock distance on my irons with a slight fade and an aggressive swing with a slight draw for the max end of each iron. TE is so easy to bend. Bend away if it fits your gapping and needs!