Hello, I played with a gentleman (a single digit handicapper) in Phoenix last week who was using the MMB’s.  This got me to searching your club models to replace my current set of Mizuno MP-60’s with R200’s (I like the MP’s, but have been told many times that I can improve my game with a more modern club head design)

I’m 51 and have come back to playing 4 years ago after a 20 year lay off. I shoot in the 90’s to low 100’s but have been steadily improving this year with a lot of executive course and range time.

I haven’t measured my swing speed but my 7 iron distance is 135 if hit well and my 3 wood is 180 (have stopped hitting driver until I work out how to eliminate a bad slice with it).

I really like the look of the MMB-17’s but see the MPF is lower than on the TE and DBM’s.

Based on my 20+ handicap are these models suitable for me and will the MMB in particular give me some extra forgiveness over my Mizuno’s that can help me to the next level without giving up the sweet feel of a well struck forged head?

Also, would the Score shafts be appropriate for me?

I appreciate any suggestions and advice!