The longest (distance, not length) driver I ever had was a face weighted 9.5 degree Golfworks “Jumbo” driver.  I played it then–it’s still shafted with the same shaft today–an EI-70 “Tour X” shaft.  I believe it was Dynacraft which published a “shaft/shaft speed/shaft weight/shaft flex” guide about then, and IIRC, it was actually a mid-mid high stiff shaft. Not particularly expensive, and no cutting edge shaft or shaft tip dynamics.  Can’t remember the launch angle, although I probably still have the Dynacraft publications somewhere among the old club-buildings/golf magazine collection.

The “Jumbo” head was probably a slightly sub-standard size even in footprint size then, and certainly compared to the new (then) Big Berthas.  It was a Jumbo not because of it’s size, but because of the size of the golfer who popularized it it:  Jumbo Ozaki.  A BIG man for a Japanese, although perhaps only slightly larger than the average North American or European golfer of the same era.  But also also fit.  Not carrying much of a waist bag handicap as were some similar stars back then, and he rolled his driver a long way.

So, since I don’t–can’t–seem to find any such similar face thick/face weighted driver heads today, I’ll  ask why they fell out of favor.  Any particular reasons?  Just not popular enough as far as sales?  Was the idea just a “one-hit-wonder”/”flash-in-the-pan?”

I’ll ask this too because a lot of golfers still seem to prefer irons with little or no increasing progressive offsets.  Among those offered by Golfworks are the DBM’s and identical (but for chrome finish) TE’s, both of which sport the same 0.100″ offset throughout the set.

[I currently play the DBM’s myself, FWIW]

If I understand things correctly, irons like these are effectively face-weighted even further than are progressive offset clubs as the lofts decrease, but this widens the gap even further too as you move to hybrids and then fairway woods–the C.G.s move further back in both the latter, so that gap is necessarily wider, unless I’m missing something.

So what AM I missing as to the reasoning why there are nothing like that ol’ (relative to today’s heads) face-weighted beasts from the past?

Britt Lindsey Answered question October 16, 2023