I’m 53, 180 lbs, 5’10” and have a 12 handicap.  I currently play Cleveland TA5’s and like them but looking for a bit of an upgrade.  I also have a set of mizuno MP53’s and like them too but the distance I lost from the TA5’s caused me to go back to the TA5’s.  Both sets feel and look very similar to me with fairly compact heads, a thin top line and light swing weight.  I have a set of Callaway X-20’s and a set of Cobra clones and they both look large, chunky and the feel is heavy and, well chunky too.  I hate both of those sets and don’t want a repeat of them in the KE4’s.  All regular flex steel shafts…

So, several thoughts…  I can change the weights in the KE4’s to lighten them if I have too.  Maybe I could also switch to graphite shafts for less swing weight and easier on my body?  Should I just try on head or two heads and see what I think before I get the entire set?

Any help would be appreciated.


Looking over the GolfWorks site, I’m really thinking of buying the set with Kuro Kage Standard graphite shafts. The price is unbeatable. Could that set be exactly what I’m looking for?