I have to replace 2 broken shafts in older Callaway FT i-brid (2008) irons, not bore through. Original shafts are Nippon NS Pro 990GH, which I actually managed to locate and buy on ebay (made in 2005, but brand new), but now i need to figure out what is tip trimming code to match stiff flex of the iron set. I am thinking IR11, but not sure. These are not like modern Nippon shafts, which are pre-cut, no tip trimming. The shafts are 41″ long and marked as stiff flex, so clearly they need to be tip trimmed. I cannot find any info on the internet. I thought maybe someone here has old specs. If anyone can help it would save my day.

thanks in advance

Britt Lindsey Answered question October 27, 2021