I bought some agx heads to trial one length irons, I struggle with the 9 w and sw in particular. The shorter shafts I can’t swing very consistently, fat skinny is my norm so decided to try the one length irons hoping that helps. My question is this, I’m thinking of using 8 iron length shafts for the 8 9 W and sw because I hit my 8 iron well. I want to keep costs low so it’s either butt cutting shafts 8 iron or longer or extend 9 wedge sw shaft to suit. I thought start with the short irons and if I like them then I’d buy the correct shafts, which do you suggest would be better?

Britt Lindsey Answered question May 21, 2021

Btw, tip size is 370 and I have both steel and graphite shafts from other set of irons.