So I’m still new to golf, but picking it up fairly quick. I’m athletically in shape 5’10 200lbs. Current handicap is 23 which came down from 30 since I started in May. I’m looking to finally have my own new irons. I went to golf galaxy and got some numbers. With the PING G425 7i with shaft DG 120 Stiff flex I got CLUB SPEED 90.9 , CARRY 175.4 ,TOTAL 183.4. I also tried Cleveland Launcher XL but with Nippon 105 stiff flex since the head weight was heavier and I was able to hit similar numbers if not slight better with faster CLUB SPEED. So would the KE4 MAX with the score lt stiff be sufficient for me in my newbie stage? Also should I have the lofts changed to match the Clevelands? If there are any other suggestion or questions to be answered let me know. 😁👍 I also looked at the STI2 not sure if those should be overlooked for me.

CRUSH3221 Unselected an answer July 7, 2023

Correction I would be ordering them from golfworks not actually building them myself.