I was in Golf Galaxy today and hit the Titleist T-MB.  Very nice feel, and good looking head.  I am a 13 index, and hit the T-MB well with 105g steel shaft.  I have been contemplating making a set of TS-2 irons, which have a higher MPF than the  Titleist T-MB:  Maltby TS-2 = 701+ while T-MB = 558.  At the stratospheric cost of the Titleist, I will not be buying those, and I prefer making clubs vs OEM.  I currently play some older Snake Eyes 695 form-forged cavity backs and a set of Maltby KE4-S’s.  Question:  How do the TS-2 compare to the Titleist T-MB in terms of forgiveness, sole width (I see no data on that at Titleist site) and overall playability for a 13 index golfer.  My sense is the Maltbys will be a tad more forgiving, and perhaps a bit softer feeling given they have a thin, forged face.  Looking forward to some feedback.

When the TS-2 first came out I put it head to head with the TM P790 which is very similar to the Titelist. In launch monitor testing the two clubs were nearly identical in launch and ball speed and carry,, yet the TS-2 spun more. On coarse testing proved those results with the TS-2 being just as long but stopped on the green far better. Feel wise I gave the nod to the TS-2. So if you have questions about putting Maltby gear against the popular names in the industry fear not. They are as good or better in any aspect and destroy them in value. Uts jot even a contest. You will pay more but you wont buy a better game.