I have struggled some this year with the TSW wedges, especially the 58 degree on soft turf. I am a scratch player, so not a slouch. I play in NE Florida, so grainy conditions and sometimes quite wet. I sometimes play on courses that have a sandy base and play soft and other times I play on courses with tighter lies and relatively firm conditions. Only in late winter/early spring does it get really firm.

I am finding that I am going under a bunch of shots in wet conditions with the lob wedge, even when I am trying to hit lobs and flops where I open the face to try to create more bounce. In doing some experimenting this morning, I found a wet area around our chipping green and my 54/10 was definitely a better fit on the wet conditions.

I then went to just off the green and found a few almost bare/relatively firm spots, opened the face wide open, and played it forward to see if I could still maintain good contact and was able to do so. So, I ordered a 56/12 DRM wedge that I am going to bend to 58, which will give me 14 degrees of bounce. I am thinking that even on relatively firm conditions that this could be ok. I am not much of a digger, but maybe slightly more so around the greens.

I do like to move the ball back in my stance some and play little bump and runs with the lob wedge to tight pins. Those can be a serious struggle on wet or grainy (into the grain) conditions with the lob wedge.

Have you had anyone else try what I am trying? Any feedback? I like these wedges, but a 58/10 would have been awesome as an option here. Just curious if others have had a bit of struggle in softer conditions.

Popeye Answered question November 16, 2021