I want to use the True Temper Uniflex Ultralight Constant Weight shafts from a set of Callaway X16 to reshaft another set of TaylorMade irons with a .370 hosel but have a few questions regarding length, flex and weight.

Because of the bore through hosel, the pull outs from the X16 irons are just over over an inch longer than the shaft from the corresponding TM iron.

I believe Callaway’s Uniflex plays like a firm flex something in between R and S flexes.

If I do not trim the tips of these pullouts and only butt trim these to the correct playing length for the TM irons, will these shafts play to  the same uniflex / firm flex in the TM irons as in the Callaway X16s ?

I want these to play close to A flex and if I soft step these shafts twice, will they play close to R flex or A flex ?

I believe that these UL CW shafts in the X16s were lighter than the TT Uniflex CW steel shafts in Callaway’s X14s which were 108 gm but I cannot find the weight of these shafts listed anywhere. This information is also not listed in your exhaustive OEM shaft list which only shows info for the heavier CW stepless rifle shafts that was the stock steel shaft option with the X16 Pros.

The shaft codes on the butt end of these shafts have one common notation “UM1 0SLI” even though the rest of codes  are different set of number suggesting discrete lengths of 40 / 39.5 / 39 /38 inches etc. which do not seem to have been matched correctly with the iron corresponding to that length. From the shaft codes on the butt of the pullouts, it seems to me that these were tip trimmed from 40-41 inch blanks and were not discrete lengths.

I say this as the step pattern is identical on all shafts and the only difference is the length of the parallel lengths which decreases progressively by 0.5 inch as one goes down the set.

4i – 39155300-1   UM1 0SLI  40.00     5i -37154417-5   UM1 0SLI  39.50         6i – 3915530 illegible  UM1 0SLI  illegible

7i = 39155304-8   UM1 0SLI  36.50     8i -39155305-6   UM1 0SLI  38.00        9i – 39155306-2   UM1 0SLI  39.5

PW 37154417-4   UM1 0SLI  37.00

Thank you for your reply.