I have 2 x sets of clubs.  I like it and well I want them to perform their best for me.   I recently went through a fitting and was highly recommended KBS tour lite in regular flex.      I hit them and they really work for me.    In fact I liked the shaft so much I took apart my older irons and re shafted them with a similar shaft.  The Nippon 950 GH 95g.   Did the 7 iron and it plays very similar to my 7 with the KBS its scary  Nippon is crazy crazy good for me…WOW.  In the trackman hard to tell what club is what… seriously     slight more spin w/nippon but for me that is a good thing.

I have Vokeys and they come with the S200 wedge flex shaft.   Boy oh Boy that fitting was great as I need a lighter weight shaft and it really helped me big time plus I picked up 5 mph swing speed  really effortless as well.   its nuts…

For my set w/KBS tour lites (95g) what would be a good shaft for the 54* and the 60*.    I have been told a many varying opinions,   1) stick with the same shaft in the 54 & 60.    2) Ive been told play a slightly heavier shaft because most wedge shots aren’t full steam…

Id be open to opinions.    FWIW I hit the 54* full and 3/4 & 1/2.   I hit the 60* out of the bunker as I have the best success with it… I hit it rarely full steam.   Mostly 3/4 & 1/2 & 1/4 swings

I have looked at the .355 KBS tour (110 g) & the hi rev (115) and the Modus 3 105 wedge shaft (however it is not available in Canada ATM).

If you could please shed some light into this I’d appreciate it.   Brett you were bang on on the Nippon 950 GH.   They are Golden for me and my swing.   So nice to see more height and spin

Excited to hear your opinions.   Thanks for your time



Britt Lindsey Answered question April 17, 2024