I am a high spin player at around 120 clubhead speed. In order to get maximum distance like to loft down, head weight forward, and I mostly hit draws. I’ve done very well with the Wilson Cortex and Cobra F9 (both weight forward settings) in recent years.

I bought a Tour TC and popped my tipped 6.5 HZRDUS Smoke Yellow in it and it’s been really good. I’m happy distance wise and for dispersion but I’m seeing about 400-500 more spin with the stock 8g weight. So, I went down to the 2g weight and use lead tape on the sole near the face. This brought the spin and flight down and I can really crank on it.

My questions are basically has the next “tour” line driver been in the works and has any thought been given to adding a forward weight port? That may not match the target market for Golfworks though. Sliding weight systems seem to have fallen out of vogue with the OEMs. I do like Cobra’s 2 weight system and thought a Tour TC with 1 more port near the face would be interesting. I guess another consideration would be shaving enough weight from somewhere else so that swapping sole weights would actually be effective.

And thanks for everything and everyone at GW. You all are really friendly, personable, and easy to work with. That’s getting harder to find. The products being great aside, people do make the difference and you all have some good ones. Keep up the excellent work. It’s noticed and appreciated!

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 19, 2021