I got a Cobra Fly-Z 3-4H hybrid with a stock Matrix VLCT Altus shaft in Light flex: 73 grams, low kick and mid-torque.

I have it set at 22* for 4H setting. A club fitter showed to me last summer, and I was surprised at how well a heavier weight, Light flex shaft works.

Anyway, I want a FlyZ I can set at 19* for a 3H. (FlyZ comes in a 2-3H that would have a max loft of 19*, but I haven’t seen any with Lite-flex shafts. This is complicated that FlyZ had gone on clearance at the time I bought it.)

So… One workaround would be to get a second 3-4H, set it at 19*, and lengthen the shaft by 0.75″. If I do this…

  • should I get an A-flex and risk too soft a shaft; or,
  • get an R-flex (75 gram, mid-kick and mid-t) and count on the extra length to soften the shaft flex.

The extra weight L-flex just seems to work. My woods and irons are all R-flex, and I test out for R-flex on most fittings.