Greetings Maltbyians.  I have been playing a 12 deg STW2 with a Tensei Blue R flex shaft a while now.  My good drives are 230-255 yds.  I’ve been working on my swing and have improved shallowing and getting my hands in front of the ball.  Particularly for my irons.  Now I hit my driver kinda low and the ball seems to ‘fall from the sky’.  I don’t have LM numbers, this is from play and range time. I sometimes hit my KE 4W farther now.  Its like the driver has too little spin.    I tend to hit it high on the face as well, I had an issue skying it but I teed the ball down a little to avoid that.  Its about 1/2 dia over the crown, maybe a little less.  I think I am delofting it and hitting it high on face, knuckling the ball out there.  They do roll pretty good, 30 yds or more.  I thought maybe I was hitting down too much, but I am able to place a Maltby moment putter cover in 6-12in front of the ball and clear it, so seems like my AOA is at least level or little up.  Now, my question.  Of the Maltby heads out there, which one is the ‘spinniest’?  After I visit a launch monitor to confirm my thoughts, I am thinking of trying a different head in addition to a spinnier ball.  I don’t want to change my swing drastically (assuming I have close to level AOA), it will just mess up my irons, lol.  I currently play Maxfli Tour’s, going to try Mizuno RB Tour X as a cheap experiment.  Any insight is appreciated.   I think Ill be using Maltby DR R flex shaft with whatever head I choose to try, I have it in my 4W and love it.

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TroyMcCullough Posted new comment October 31, 2022

Do you have any kind of swing speed numbers to go with that yardage? Higher spinning driver heads? I’d expect the M890 to be a higher launching, higher spinning head.

Yeah, im in the 90-100 mph range for the most part. Forgot to mention, I have a 10 degree M890, I hit that even lower :) I have seen comments the M890 launches low for whatever reason, even with the weight in the back. What about a C250 flight control?

Have you put impact stickers on the face? Maybe you’re catching it low in the face?

I use foot powder, its mostly higher on face. I need to work on staying behind the ball to hit up on it, but like a I said I don’t want a massive swing change that will cause me trouble with irons. I’d be fine with a level AOA and a higher launching head. Im going to get on a LM this week and check my AOA, path etc…but based on ball flight it looks like I am hitting it high/delofting it.

Update: I got on a GC2 foresight monitor at PGA SS. Here are averages below from about 10 or so swings (I need to work on my swing lol)

M890, 10d, 46″, Maltby UL R, Maxfli Tour X
Ball speed 128 mph
LA 15.8 degrees
Backspin 2850rpm
Carry 199
DA 37 degrees
Peak 76 ft

stw2, 12d, 44.75″, Tensei Blue R, Maxfli Tour X
Ball speed 123 mph
LA 15.3 degrees
Backspin 2350rpm
Carry 190
DA 34 degrees
Peak 69 ft

ST-1, 10d, 46″, Maltby UL R, Maxfli Tour X
Ball speed 127 mph
LA 13.5 degrees
Backspin 2740rpm
Carry 199
DA 36 degrees
Peak 73 ft

So the M890 spins the most, I had some shots over 3000. The carry is little short (-10-15 yds) to what I see on the course, but the guy told me that was normal and to just focus on ball speed. Interesting I hit the center of the face with the M890 the best, the STW2 was the worst. But I still didn’t get decent ball speed from the STW2 on a good strike, best shot was 124mph/2600rpm. What’s more strange is the STW2 club is shorter, that SHOULD help me with center of face strike. I think that it is mental, I like the shape of the M890. My PW ball speed was 86mph, so this ball speed with Driver is low (135-140mph should be achievable), meaning I need to make some swing improvements and/or maybe switch the head. I did find throwing the club to ‘Right field’ as they say improved my ball speed (+4-5mph) and launch angle.

Bottom line, M890 spins more than STW2 (for me) and launches little higher as expected even with the loft differences. I wish I had AOA numbers, but all I can say is I can clear a Maltby Moment head cover that is about 6in in front of the ball just fine. So I should be up 2-5 degress I guess? It looks like I could use more loft based on my ball speed, thoughts? I picked up a CT250 10.5 and an ISO-T 11.5 used to try. I am curious how the 11.5 will do. The Iso-T is a lower spinning head but the loft should make a bigger change, maybe I’ll end up in a slightly better place. Ill post an update a few weeks after I hit them.

Side note, the Maxfli Tour X spins about 300-500 rpm more than the Tour. Irons and Driver.

Anyway, as expected my swing needs work. Putting that aside any thoughts on these numbers is welcome.