I played Dynacraft irons many years ago and I know they were famous for having a clone of all the popular big brand clubs. Over the past couple years, I’ve been playing Golfworks irons and I do love them but people I play with are always making comments “those are copy cat irons” or “why did you get a set of clone irons?”

im almost second guessing myself. Golfworks irons aren’t copy cat irons are they? They are their own design aren’t they or not?

I’ve been using components for many years as a qualified club maker. During this time I also worked on all the OEM brands. I can tell you that I found many poorly assembled and poorly-fitted OEM clubs. With quality components, a good club maker will always outshine the OEMs. The only time they could compete is if a qualified club maker assemblies the OEM components.

I will reiterate my comments from a year ago, we design our own clubs based on the immutable laws and principles that produce highly playable clubs. One of those young pro’s I mentioned in the response a year ago ended up switching to the TS-1’s. I would ask your playing partners to tell me which of our designs look like current OEM. Anyway, some people won’t do the homework to understand brands they are not familiar with. They are the ones missing out on an opportunity to play highly playable, high performance designs, in my opinion.

Britt Lindsey