Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why doesn’t everybody get the highest possible MPF club regardless of handicap? Why would someone want a club that isn’t as forgiving?

JimHarrington Posted new comment September 11, 2023

I grew up playing 1971 Wilson Staff blades, not a forgiving design at all. Then Ping came out with the cavity design and others followed. I tried many of these designs and never played better overall with any of them, and my chipping was definitely better with the blades. In time I recognized that it wasn’t the forgiveness (MOI) of the design, but rather the interaction with turf — the ability to get down and through a ball that isn’t sitting very well. Further, the more the offset increased, the harder it was to hit a cut shot and the more awkward the club felt at address.

Another issue has to do with training your eyes. I found that the larger the head, the larger were my misses from the sweet spot. In short, I would tend to get sloppy.