What is the disadvantage of an excellent golfer using a forgiving club?  What can a tour pro do with a tour level club that he can’t do with a forgiving cavity back club?

ThomasD Answered question July 22, 2021

I think you are seeing a slight adaptation to players hitting “more forgiving clubs” I love to see witb with a ton of different players and you are seeing a trend for example of a lot of titleist guys playing the t100 or call away playing the x forged, I will say they are not the super game improvements but a lot more forgiving than a “traditional” muscle back or blade. Bryson is a good example, he uses massive forgiving heads with cobra (granted that may be because of the one length system) but he is chasing distance and can get that with a larger iron. The only caveat I will say is looks at address. For me personally I like to see a thin top line and a slightly more “compact head” that because I grew up hitting the blades my dad had around the house from the 70s. With technology and the science of club creation we are now getting heads that have the “classic” look but have the forgiveness of a game improvement iron . example the TE forged, and I hope the new heads Britt is designing, fingers crossed :)