Hey Maltby crew just want to say the TS4 ,TS3 and the KE 4 and wedges looks Prue and sexy I am digging the colorless Maltby M badge looks classic with no paint added looks so good well done and the sole grind TS4 yes yes !!!!! MY Question is about Irons the have a centered screw weights or swing weight like PXG Gen 4 Irons Callaway Apex mb blades Sub 70 TA 3 irons etc but they say it’s more customizable for dialing in swing weight for each individual what does it do exactly etc? Let’s say if the blades have high Mpf everything is where it should be but had a centered screw weight or weight plugs directly behind the sweetspot like adjustable screw weights on your new wedges will that boost the Mpf and add more feel ? Will Maltby do a centered screw weight behind the sweetspot in the future where you can customize per player more so in a blade style head non cavity?

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 3, 2022