Last year I went from steel to graphite irons with the KE4 Max heads and Rapport R-flex shafts.  I am considering replacing my wedges (M series Ni forged) with Max Milled and using the Kuro Kage A-flex shafts as they seem a better match to my Rapports than the Rapport A-flex based on weight and MPF.  On my current course, I seldom hit a full wedge and am looking for spin and feel.  Good choice? Other recommendation?

Clubster Posted new comment June 11, 2023

I’m a senior golfer and purchased a set of TSW wedge Paks with the Kuro Kage a-flex from Golfworks over the winter. I can say that at least for the 60 degree, it really helped my green side bunker play for short pin positions. I swing with full effort and it comes out with tremendous spin and stops on a dime. And this is just with a standard 2 piece ball. I don’t even need to open the club face. For chipping with shaft lean, I find that I need to aim my low point more forward of the ball to prevent chunking. I don’t know if all this is a function of the a-flex, but it works for me.

Going with the Max Milled in 54 (0.9)and 58 degree (1.05) with the KK A-flex to replace my 3 wedge setup. Either should work in the sand.

As a follow up, the feel is good with the A-flex and the Max wedges are great in the sand.