I’ve been playing (what I think) is the equivalent of Robin Arthur’s Classic iron series shafts — the maroon colored (parallel) shafts that you offered a few years ago.  There are apparently a few taper-tipped shafts left over from that era in the online database.


Looking through The Golfworks current offerings it seems there is really no moderately priced iron shaft (perhaps $30) with 3 degrees of torque or less.  There is the Prolaunch Blue ($35) but (to me) that shaft feels soft.

The MPF Pro Series comes close to the AXE shafts.  It’s a little less expensive but also a little bit higher in torque.  (I wonder if Robin is a supplier for this series.  The testing protocols match.)

Any thoughts to selling Robin’s shafts through the Golfworks?  I feel like there is a gap that could be filled — slightly higher price and slightly lower torque than the MPF — basically a firmer feeling Prolaunch Blue.  Would the difference between the Classic at 2.9 degrees and the MPF at 3.3 degrees be discernible?

I feel like your TS-n irons are premium and should be matched with a truly premium low-torque iron shaft, but I can’t see paying more for the shaft than the head.  I also think the Golfpride Tour Wrap 2G grips would be a really great choice for a premium club pack.  Some of the advanced players in my area agree.  It’s really tacky and rather durable.

Michael-CCLGolf Posted new comment August 30, 2022

Hi, Jim. I appreciate your interest in the XCaliber line of shafts. Robin’s offerings have been one of my personal favorites.

He sells his shafts directly now, instead of through others like Golfworks.
Here’s the link to the shaft you are referring to:

You’ll notice that they are out of stock in the S flex irons shafts, and only a few A/L flex. Apparently they do have a supply of R flex in the classic line.

If I may suggest Robin’s Tour X line of iron shafts. It’s one I personally use and am very pleased with. Again, because of his special sale, come are out of stock, however, the I 85 S flex seems to be in stock, and it’s the one I use. Very stout, tip stiff, great for stronger swings and those who tend to draw the ball because it has low torque. Here’s the link: https://xcalibershafts.com/collections/pro-series/products/pro-x85-iron

Hope these thoughts are helpful!

The shafts used to be sold through golfworks but that relationship dissolved. If you want xcaliber (soon to change to AXE) shafts go to their website or message me directly. I can get you great pricing on these

I see this forum as a place to discuss equipment, not to secure a low price (though I would take it).

Golf equipment trends have been an interest of mine for a long time and I would like to see The Golfworks be successful. As far as I know, this is the only complete “shop” for the hobbyist.

The most recent Golfworks forged iron and wedge heads, in my view, represent a step out improvement over the past. The low torque of some graphite shafts have made it now possible to build a truly unique, premium level set from wedge to driver. Buttery feel, low dispersion, ability to custom fit, and a relatively low price.

More people need to know about what can be done these days.

I’m glad you have passions about golf and discussing it but shaft torque is the last thing I look at when picking a shaft. I’ve hit shafts, successfully that have 2* and 6* of torque. The weight, balance point, shaft profile are far more important when looking for a shaft.

We can’t even get all the shaft manufacturers to buy in on shaft torque measurements let alone shaft CPM for flex designation.

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