I’ve got a Titleist driver with a damaged adapter, the thread doesn’t accept the bolt completely and leaves the loose. I’ve never experienced this before when I’ve changed the adapters setup, and I’m constantly changing the adapter looking for the perfect setup so must of done this thousands of times with no issues. Is there anything I can do besides changing the adapter, can the thread be re-threaded ??

I ask because I’d like to avoid the removal of this adapter because I’m worried I will damage the shaft tip with too much heat, I’ve only used this particular shaft/adapter that I recently bought on eBay a dozen times so maybe it’s got a cheap and nasty adapter. Appreciate your help, cheers Colin

Bang69 Posted new comment March 5, 2022

10/32 threads/inch. Should be able to find a tap at a hardware store. Take the screw with you.
Or go to machine shop, they can tap the adapter for a pint
Hey, is this the driver you patched with clay a couple of weeks ago?

No that is a Taylormade M3, works fine but I’m trying other branded drivers, the M3 is my backup driver until I find something much better LOL…