Hello All,

I am a senior and have been losing some distance.  I am still using the OEM shafts that came with my Ben Hogan Edge CFT irons.  I am planning on purchasing new irons but would like to first replace my steel shafts with some graphite shafts to try them out before choosing new irons.  I am looking for recommendations for replacement graphite shafts for my Ben Hogans which have a hosel diameter of .355 I think.



Britt Lindsey Answered question August 15, 2022

start with this link….https://www.golfworks.com/mpf-shaft-worksheet/a/496/

it will give you a starting point at least. Your current shafts are about 115 grams, most graphite will be about 65 grams. Lighter weight, possible more distance.

since it’s been awhile, I recommend going to a PGA Pro, fitter, or a pretty good club tech.

Good luck