I get a lot of customers who ask questions about Aftermarket vs Stock shafts  and have read some differences of opinion on the subject. Wondering if you have done any testing on this or have an opinion?

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 23, 2022

I know in the past some of the shaft vendors would make shafts exclusively for the big OEM’s. I’ve got a Tour AD shaft “made exclusively for Cobra” that doesn’t profile anywhere near an original Tour AD, think this was from 2012 or so.
these days it appears the OEM’s are using the original shafts from the shaft vendors from what I’ve seen.

My experience is that each shaft has a personality. The goal is to find the shaft that likes you. Sometimes stock shafts like you and sometimes they don’t. I had a PING G400 that I broke the shaft on. I went to Club Champion and we tried a bunch of shafts. Suddenly one felt great and my dispersion tightened. I have an old man swing speed of 93 mph. It was a stiff shaft. I hate stiff shafts, I hate the feel of them. This one liked me and I am playing from the fairway.

When a customer asks about shafts, they are asking if cost matters. I don’t think it does matter, but finding a shaft did matter. My iron shafts are aerotech light shafts, my driver is a heavier shaft. Why? I don’t know. It just works that way for me.