Hi Britt,

I always enjoy stopping out at the shop when I can as well as the various courses I have taken through the Clubmaking Academy; there’s no substitute for talking to you guys in person and getting a chance to interact with the new products. I always walk away with more knowledge than I came in with (and usually with more products as well). This year especially, with the various new club models that you are launching plus new shaft offerings, grips, etc. it seems like there would be an opportunity to have a launch event or dealer days or something similar. This could be a yearly kickoff event where you could cover introductions and demonstrations for your club lines plus reps from shaft and grip manufacturers to demo their products and Q/A. The catalogs and website are great, but being able to have this information would really enable me (and I’m sure others) to better describe and match product to our respective customers. It’s most likely too late for something like this to happen in 2020 (atleast the first half), but perhaps next year.

Have you ever thought about holding such an event and is there any possibility in the future?

Thanks, Justin

Sounds like a good idea.
Maybe do it in conjunction with the PGA show (not sure if you have a booth). Maybe in conjunction with a regional show. Not sure if there is one in the area, maybe something along the line of the Chicagoland Golf show.