I’m swapping shafts in a few sets of irons.

Does anyone know what ferrules I should use for the following irons:

  1. Wilson D7 forged
  2. Callaway ’09 X Forged
  3. Callaway X20 Tour irons

All are .355 tip, but I’m trying to determine the appropriate OD and if I need collared ferrules. Thanks for any help!

dpmccull Posted new comment May 12, 2022

Can’t answer your question, but suggest you invest in a set of digital calipers. $10 at harbor freight and $7 on Amazon prime-next day delivery.
I use them daily. Shaft tip measurements, grip cap thickness, grip diameter at two inches, or of hosel, shaft butt diameter. Build up tape…
Digital are nice especially for these old eyes. Or you can measure the circumference of the hosel and divide by 3.14. That will give you the diameter.
Collared ferrules aren’t required. Just ensure you have enough epoxy to fill the void.

Great ideas, thanks! I’ve got a caliper on the way.