I’m your average bogey golfers who hits it 240-250 off the tee, misses right a lot, three putts a few times a round, and struggles to find fairways / keep the ball in bounds at times. You hear a lot about ball selection being important for better players, so I assume it must be important for lower skilled players like myself as well.

What are some good “game improvement” golf balls balls to try based off of my profile? I’ve played the Bridgestone E12 Contact which I like because it’s not as pricey as a premium tour ball / is designed to reduce spin. I am never trying to spin the ball back on the greens, so a lower spin ball that help reduce my miss and keep my golf ball in play off the tee is my primary goal.


Rlafoone Posted new comment July 23, 2022

If you’re after a reasonably price ball that feels nice off the club face, then the Srixon Soft Feel would be a good option. I also find the to be pretty durable.

Seems like your misses are to the right, missing Fairways and maybe getting into trouble because of the previous. To get back in the fairway the maxfli straight as mentioned previously is a good choice. Best to be in the fairway, then work on the short game.
Putting is feel. As long as the ball is round and balanced it should go in the hole.