Currently I’m using an older model UST ProForce 65 S-flex in my driver. That said, my driver is also about 25 years old being a Callaway Biggest Big Bertha at 7* of loft. Even with a low loft I have an extremely high ball flight;(This holds true for all of my sticks). My previous driver was the same model at 8* shafted with a UST ProForce 75 X-flex that my clubmaker trimmed and weighted to elevate the kickpoint as high as he could and still have it remain a driver. Distance is not an issue for me, control is. The ProForce 75 was the best shaft I have ever used in my driver and I’ve tried out many. Unfortunately my bag was stolen and the club maker I had making my adjustments closed up shop, so I lost all of my records and I’ve yet to find anyone who would work with me as he did. My average swing speed with the driver was last clocked at 122mph. My carry with the 75 X trimmed high averaged at 302 and with the 65 S standard trim I’m at 287. What direction should I go? I need low torque, high kick and low ball flight. Thank you for any help.

I should mention that I purchased a newer Callaway driver with an X-flex shaft. But with the torque and a mid kick point I have little chance of this hitting a fairway.