To provide proper yardage gapping across one’s wedges, you are sometimes faced with selecting a wedge and then either adding or subtracting loft to the club to fill a yardage void. Are there any bits of wisdom out there (or experience people have) which says it is better to select a less lofted wedge and add loft to it or high lofted wedge and take loft off it? When choosing a wedge to adjust, what factors should one be aware of— Sole width? Sole grind? Offset?  Thanks.

Britt Lindsey Answered question October 27, 2020

I would want to concentrate on the bounce when adjusting the loft. I prefer using a 54 and 58 degree for gapping purposes. If I would need to adjust a 56 down to a 54, I personally would not want to reduce it to less than 10* of bounce as it would negate my use in the sand.
With the variety of wedges offered these days, I don’t find it necessary to adjust lofts to maintain defined gaps in my irons.