Hello Britt I just recently read your article on Build a better blade ,it was a fantastic read it educated me alot on how even (muscle) blade’s can be more forgiving depending on design etc. Coming from a  golfing family my father bought the TS 1 a while ago and absolutely loves them. GRANDPA plays as well, the K E 4 s heads he loves them, one of my 2  brother’s plays the TE forged the other Mmb 17  both are really good players we golf every weekend if possible and  during the week in golf leagues as you see the whole family plays your products believe me they tried everything out on the market (Iron wise). I play alot of golf ,a couple of Pro  Amateur events he and there. My irons as of now are the Ping Blueprint which are good , but when reading your article about  Vertical ,horizontal , Dimensions etc and if you miss hit them even a little bit it can cause you to lose yards I can attest to that a few yards loss of distance.Back on that side of town Went to range with Dad and brother’s I hit my dad’s Ts 1 felt great (looks good) and hit my brother’s irons mmb and TE all felt amazing even when not struck dead middle distance and feel still there. If I had to pick a winner it would be the TE forged the topline  (Gorgeous) AND offset (just right)  i fell in love with little longer blade profile (compared to my Blueprint) to the confidence addressing the ball,  I don’t like alot of offset  iam a no frills type of guy when it comes to my  golf equipment  not into to hot faces or jacked lofts far as  irons go.  BUT Woods gimme me all you got ,TE surprised me good job! Only if it was a non cavity (personal preference) I am a blade guy pure and simple. I like to work the ball either direction. Rumor has it that there might be a muscle blade coming from you soon if so I will hold off buying wink wink Sub 70 649 blade Or there TA 3 BLADE’S, especially if your blade has a higher mpf rating even when iam a little off I won’t be dropping a few yards and feel . Please be a blade!!!!!!

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