So I extend the shaft 1.25inches yesterday and apon hitting the 4th shot the ####*** shaft broke, as you’ll recall I’ve broken 2 other shafts that I glued but not this one. 3 years ago I bought a M3 driver with this shaft in it but sold that M3 head with a different shaft, so it’s snapped at the end of the adapter ferrule and the setup was something I’ve not seen before. It has a piece of plastic strip coming out of the adapter, didn’t know this was something that could be done and or why it’s done. Should I contact the previous owner who is a Long drive championship winner? So I’m now going to extend another shaft and see what develops, onwards and upwards lol…

Bang69 Posted new comment March 31, 2022

is it clear epoxy like TSP4C?
migrated up the shaft and caused a shear point?

Maybe your right, a friend thinks it’s the problem. I’m trying to talk to the previous owner next week and will post here what he says.