Sending out the bat signal on this one and hoping to find an answer. I recently bought a set of minty Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II’s to have a nostalgia set to play from time to time. I currently play the TS-1’s with TT DG 105 S300’s. I was expecting the Mizunos to really beat me up with the more “blade-like” profile and a noticeably heavier shaft but actually experienced the contrary. I shot one of my better rounds over the weekend and just noticed that everything was flying laser straight with a nice high-ish but very manageable flight. I also noticed a difference in the feel of the club and shaft that I really liked. It was smooth but very solid feeling and I could definitely feel the whole club though the swing which I think added an extra level of control. All that I’m able to gather is that the shafts on the Mizunos are an older pre-PX brand called FCM and they’re the 6.0 rifles which I believe is closer to a S+ profile that what a PX 6.0 would be. I really can’t find much info on them but they feel to me like a heavier shaft than my TT DG 105 S300’s. I would venture to say in the 120-130g range?

I’m now considering removing my DG 105’s and replacing them with a heavier option to pair with my TS-1’s but need to do it on a budget. I’m curious to try out one of the 125g options from FST. Looking at maybe the 125 Pro Stepless. I guess the question here is, am I barking up the wrong tree with FST and thinking I can find a similar profile to the FCM shafts? I’m really just curious about how a heavier shaft will play and the reviews and profile don’t seem far off from what I’m after.

Are there any other sub-$10 options that anyone might suggest to be closer match to the FCM’s?



Britt Lindsey Answered question November 29, 2021