Hi there 

I ordered the pinhawk iron heads from value golf and am Very excited to get them but had one final question about swing weight.  I had tried the swing weight calculator online and got different results depending on which one I used.  I figured you would know best.  

Here is my setup that I want to go with 

Side note all the irons will be the same length and have the same head weight and lie angle.

Pinhawk head weight – 272 grams 

Project X 95 5.0 – 40.5 inches uncut length 101 grams at that length 

Grip – golf pride tour 25.  (25 grams)

Will this give me a good swing weight if I cut all my irons to a 36.5 inches

inwant every club like an 8 iron   Typically an 8 iron head weight is a little heavier from my understanding hence the lighter grip

Your thoughts please everyone !!!

Thanks so much !!


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