I just bought a c-ray putter

anyone know who makes them or made them and if i can get a new shaft for mine

I would like any contact info I can get about this putter


Troy in Utah   435.201.0494

Thanks Britt,
Do you know where i can get a head cover for this baby?
also, i played in a tournament last weekend and a guy i was playing with had this putter only he had a slight bend in the shaft toward the neck if you will.
Do you know where to get one bent or made?

We don’t have a headcover that will fit. I will look around and check samples, etc. As far as a bent shaft, we can custom bend shafts, but being that the C-Ray putter you have is a center shafted meant for a straight shaft, I would need to see how the shaft was bent to understand what kind of bend you are describing. Doesn’t sound like a normal bend. Maybe if you could illustrate the bend in some way, we could try.

Britt Lindsey