How does Jim calculate the SW of an club with the following information? Is there a formula you can post?

Can you estimate how the swingweight would change for a 7 iron (TS-2 head, 37.5″ length, MA0300 ferrule, 49g grip) using the Aldila NV A flex shafts (AL008445A, AL008455A, and AL008465A)? Is one shaft better for someone with a smooth slow swing tempo?


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  1. JimY
    · 5 months ago  

    With the AL008445A the swingweight calculates in the C6 to C7 range, With the AL008455A it calculates in the C7 to C8 range and with the AL008465A it calculates in the C8 to C9 range. A player with a slower swing tempo could use any of these shafts. In theory the lighter shaft could create more clubhead speed and more distance but if it proves to be to light it will create inconsistencies.