Jim or Brett,

I have had two Callaway FT-hybrids (Fusion Technology) 2006 models for several years and I love the clubs.  However, this year, I notice that I am losing a little distance with them (I’m 71 years old).  They have Callaway/Aldila NVS 85R-350 shafts in them, and I’m thinking they are getting a little too stiff for me.   I have a couple of questions:

1.  Does the 85 stand for 85 grams?  I assume that the R stands for Regular flex, as that is what I always have played.

2.  Does the 350 indicate that the tip size of these shafts are .350 instead of .370 or .335?  If so, does anybody make a hybrid shaft in .350 anymore?

3.  Finally, when it comes to tipping the shafts should allowance be made for the fact that these are bore-thru shafts?

Thanks for you info….I like these clubs and really want to update them to fit my present swing characteristics.