So, my next door neighbor brought me one of these ferrules to install on one of his older shafts. I prepped the tip and glued the ferrule on the shaft, no big deal. We get to the course and he installs the head on it and we hear a rattle sound, like it wasnt tight. After looking more, I asked him to see if he can twist the head. Sure enough, it spins.

I am thinking “crap, my epoxy didnt hold” even though it was hard as a rock in the cup when we left. Turned out, there is a sleeve that looks like should have been factory glued, was done halfway. We pulled that piece off, head attached. Thank goodness he didnt hit the driver as the head would have flown off.

I brought it home, roughed the sleeve tip up (it was still shiny in spots after taking a norax belt to it, so I saw that SOME glue was applied, but not nearly enough). Did I miss something or was this a factory defect? I was thinking I just needed to glue the ferrule on the shaft, and that was that. I didnt realize I would have another piece to glue.  Let me know.