I have always installed grips with tape and solvent. To remove, box cutter or tool to remove unless I want to safe grips. To save, inject solvent between grips and shaft. Recently, I tried ti use compressed air (150 psi) and could not break the grip loose from the adhesive. Question can grips installed with tape and solvent be removed with compressed air? Does grip removal with compressed air work best if grips were installed using compressed air? Any instructional articles about the process using compressed air?



DB Golf Answered question January 26, 2023

It’s tricky but can be done. You want to be sure and have something like a PVC pipe or bag divider tube to go over the top. The grip will blow up like a balloon and having some sort of hard cover will keep it from expanding outward and can help force air down the grip and break a lot of the seal from the tape. What I’ve done is run a heat gun or hot water over the grip to warm up the tape and then Slide the tube over the top with just the butt end of the grip sticking out. Apply the air and keep twisting back and forth.

The main key is the tube over the top to help force air down towards the opening. If the air escapes out the bottom before the seal is broken, wrap a strip of masking tape around the bottom to keep the pressure inside the grip.

Ultimate disclaimer.. the grip is susceptible to exploding if max pressure is reached.