Hi All, my name is Jim, I am 60 years old and been playing golf on and off most of my life. I have never been fitted for clubs before and know very little about the options available. My current driver length is around 250-260 with an occasional 280. I have never had my swing speed taken. I currently play stiff shafts in woods and Regular in Irons. I am an 18 handicap and struggle with consistent impact and poor shot dispersion. I hit my irons relatively high I feel but not much spin. I currently play Taylormade R7 irons with Taylormade Tstep 90 R steel shafts 6-P, 4 and 5 are hybrids. I was considering the TS3 irons or mixing a set getting a 4, 5, 6 KE Max and 7-P TS3 or 4,5,6 TS3 and 7-P TS4. I am also considering graphite shafts but never played them in irons before. Any recommendations on Irons, Shafts (straight or tapered), Flex, Grip would be much appreciated.

Shrek74 Answered question 5 days ago