Can the DBM finish ‘split’ after being bent?  Meaning no actual harm to the club.   My understanding of how the DBM works,   I first assumed a split means the head is now stuffed.

I have had the DBM irons since they first came out, I think 2013. But recently I needed to get the lie angles significantly flattened, some by up to 3.5deg.  I know thats too much, but I gotta do what I need to do.

One of them has a split in the hozel right where the clamp goes.  Its about 1 cm across and on the front – meaning exactly the most vulnerable spot for it get worse from hitting the ball.  But I cant feel any difference,  but I did hit a couple of dead shots with mishits, which I second guessed that the hosel is cracked but centred shots feel fine, so who knows.