I just built a set of Sti OS irons. They have XP 95 regular shafts. Used them for the first time yesterday with much less than expected results. I normally hit a high iron shot. especially with my 7- W. Every club I used had a low trajectory and not even close distance to my previous set. Those irons were Ping i 20’s with a stiff flex CFS steel shaft. Somewhat perplexed as to what may be going on. Any suggestions would be grateful.

Just a quick look at this post, and glanced at the xp 95’s. I believe the STi-OS have a .370 hosel bore.
The XP 95’s come in both .355 and .370 – the .355 are butt trim only, the .370 are tip trimmed per code IR6

Not to insult, but did you verify the correct shafts and used the correct trim code? also if you did use the .355 shafts I would think you installed shims also.

Good luck,


Did a little more research regarding the CFS shafts…there is a quite a bit of discussion on the “other forums” that indicate the CFS shafts play weak to flex and also generated to much spin.
Maybe you were used to a higher than normal ball flight?

Just a thought, and again good luck.