I tried cutting down the shaft of my VP5 Mallet belly putter to use as a 35 or 36″ putter but I am finding it difficult to align properly because I’m assuming the bend in the original shaft doesn’t work with the shortened length.

Is there a putter shaft you would recommend that would fit and allow proper putter alignment at a 35 or 36″ length or am what I asking not feasible ?

Rlafoone Posted new comment December 4, 2021

The photo’s of the VP5’s I’ve seen seem to show a 90+ bore angle. I would suggest using a putter hosel (similar to GW0138) along with a straight putter shaft and rotate the hosel until you get the alignment you require. Britt had given me suggestions in regards to this a few months back with a PTM-5 putter I built for a customer. Worked like a charm. I did see online also that Cleveland did build a VP5 with a 34″ shaft.