I have played golf on and off for over 30 years. I am now playing very regularly and my handicap is 7. For as long as I’ve played golf i have never quite felt comfortable standing over the ball at address. The club face always looks closed. It takes me forever standing over the ball at address because i manipulate the club to make it look square before i start my backswing. I am always fighting a strong draw/hook. My driver is the worst but even up to my 7 or 8 iron the club head feels hooded. I have my driver/3 wood and hybrid (titleist 910) all set on C1 which is the most open i can make it but it still feels very hooded. I ¬†feel as though I’d be a much better striker of the ball if i could stand over it address and not having to manipulate the club to make it the face look square to the target every shot. It’s very frustrating for me and my playing partners having to wait for me. Can custom made clubs fix this? I’ve heard the pro’s have club faces that are as open as 7 degrees made for them? I would love this.

Many thanks in advance.


Bang69 Answered question January 6, 2022