I am a 62 year old male returning to golf after 15 years away from the game. Back then, a score in the mid-90’s was a good day. I’ve been taking lessons and hitting the driving range twice a week for about 6 weeks now. My bag has my 25 year old clubs consisting of three “No Name” metal woods, 240cc driver 10.5º, 3 wood 15º, and 5 wood 21º, and Ping Zing 2 irons 3-PW. Swingweights for woods and irons are C8-9. I also carry three Vokey wedges, 52º, 56º, and 60º. With the exception of the wedges, all my clubs have Aldila graphite shafts in regular flex.

Since returning to golf, I notice my shots are straight, but have a low flight and short carry, e.g., 5 iron carries 150 yards. The last time I was fitted (about 20 years ago), my driver speed was 80 and 5 iron was 62 mph. I doubt that I’ve gotten faster since then.

I’ve built clubs before (built a full set for my wife back when she played), so I’m familiar with the Maltby/Golfworks brand. I’ve been studying the current offerings and am interested in upgrading my driver and adding a hybrid to replace my 3 iron before eventually replacing all my woods. I want clubs that will grow with me as I (hopefully!) improve.

My questions are:

  1. Would I be better served by the KC4 TC or STw2 clubs?
  2. Regular or A-flex shafts? Recommendation?
  3. Should I consider re-shafting my existing irons to an A-flex or have iron heads improved to the point that I should just replace them?

I really appreciate hearing your recommendations.

Woody Answered question June 13, 2021