Good day,,,,,  I’ve recently Have been reading on different golf  blogs and  in magazines and just in general that CNC machined irons,Wedges, Woods and Putters are the future  Because of the precise measurements of spin,control,accuracy, More consistency and better over all feel not to mention killer looks .But more about the Irons and wedges  I know that this process of CNC milled Irons in wedges are way more expensive process to do, I recently seen PXG CNC machine a wedge from a solid block and there new irons its pretty amazing also (Seven Golf)My question is in order to keep the cost down  Could a company forge an iron or wedge to a certain point and then CNC machine the rest  Maybe in areas where it’s more important like the face the sole and maybe some parts of the back instead of the whole head, is that something you would do in the future  Or is there a difference in Cnc Milled, forged and Cast what are your thoughts?