I’m new to Maltby, and am in the market for a new 3W and 5W. I’m a fairly low handicap player (somewhere between 0 and 3 depending on the time of year) and don’t have a problem with getting the ball in the air.

Between the UFW and KE4 ST-F, which one would generally be recommended for me? Hard to tell from the photos, but the KE4 appears to have a little bit of offset, and maybe a larger clubhead, which leans me toward the UFW. That said, the description of the UFW makes it seem like it may be a higher launching clubhead. I saw mention of a “deep faced” KE4 on the page, but can’t seem to find it anywhere on the site. Has it been discontinued?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks y’all!

I purchased the deep faced KE4 ST-fd and it is awesome. Super look, great distance off the tee and with decent club head speed, it’s plays like a rocket from the fairway and light rough. The club pak with the Paderson Kinetix shafts is a nice combo.